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Epic events provides you the management of all about your event. you just say we plan. for any inquiery fill the following form.

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    On Date :20-01-2060


    in DMD Party Plot

    Baelentine is an idea conceptualised by

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    Valentine Volcano

    On Date :20-01-2021

    Valentine Volcano

    in Iscon Mall

    Valentine Volcano was a Bollywood theme

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  • thumb1 Plavanamee Dave Co-founder

    A nomad content writer, dancer, aspiring novelist, entrepreneur & filmy girl who is living many phases of life at the same time. She jumped from a legal world of education and entered in the world full of liveliness and beyond the conventional theories of rules. She formed her own firm under the name of Yukti Inc. in which she bestows her passion for writing & create new ideas on a commercial level.

  • thumb1 Vinita Patil Founder/Director

    A Self-made Queen Bee; A Choreographer for weddings, Love to act like actress. a multiplayer in life. Her journey started in her teen & by the early 20s, She achieved many goals. She has traveled a journey from being an employee to an Entrepreneur. She is a freelance Graphic designer Also she owned her own marketing consultancy firm under the name of Cliq Enterprise. Also entertain other with unique functions with her firm Epic Events and Co-owner of Yukti Inc. in which they provide services of Branding and Marketing.

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