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Category Name Gross Price Ticket Type Description Pick Your Pass
Pet-Parent Pass 350 4legs+2legs (except horses)
Hooman Pass 200 Only 2legs
Tail Pass 200 Only 4legs (except horses)
Chetak Pass 1000 Only 4legs (Horses)
Group Pass 1200 Group Pass with Private sitting (4legs+2legs including horses) with food


As a Pet Parent, I take full responsibility on the actions and behaviour of my pet during the event.. With this, I take full personal and financial responsibility should there be any untoward incidents that may lead to damages or injuries that may be caused by my pet within the event premises.

Rules and Regulations:

  • 1. The pet is the whole and sole responsibility of the Pet Parent and the organisers and the team members does not undertake their responsibility.
  • 2. The pet should be on leash, birdcage, and other crates if required and under the instructions of the pet parent. Any non-compliance of the same will be subject to strict actions.
  • 3. If you do not own any pet and you are only the admirer, you should be careful while playing with other pets. In case of any harm, the organisers or the team members would not be responsible for it.
  • 4. In case of any conflict happens between the pet admirer and pet parent, it shall be subject to the mutual resolution, the organisers and the team members will not be responsible for the same.
  • 5. The entrance of Pets, Pet-Parents and Pet admirers will be subject to the criteria of the Organising firms and no one is liable to take any action against the same.
  • 6. Any dispute regarding the event will be subject to Surat Jurisdiction and to be entertained only at the discretion of the Organiser and the team members.
  • 7. The organising committee holds the rights to impose any action on any person as and when required and none should be liable to take any action against the same.

A small Urge:

  • The event is happening for the first in pet history, do spread the awareness about the same as much as you can and help us grow.
  • * We apologize in advance for any flaw that may happen on the event day and expect you to co-operate with us.
  • * The event is only for fun for pets and pet lovers and does not hold any healthy competition.
  • * Do enjoy with your Pets and shower your immense love upon them.
  • * Bring a copy of this form

I affirm to have read all the above-mentioned information and agree to the same.

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