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    DMD Party Plot

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Baelentine is an idea conceptualised by a group of pet lover friends. It is going to be held on 1st June 2019 at DMD Party Plot, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat (IN). An evening dedicated to the pets to enjoy the glitz and gleam of the world outside their home and for the parents to reciprocate the love of their pets and rock their world. It is an initiative for Animal Welfare and a gesture of fondness and compassion for the abandoned pet, stray and needy animals and birds by adding an extra pinch of affection in their lives by sowing the seeds of love and kindness. The core idea behind organizing this event is to refill the love in our lives with these innocent critters without awaiting human love and adore them for all the love that they give us. The doors are also open for all the animal admirers to celebrate their moments of love with these God’s own lovely creatures in the form of “PET VALENTINE’S DAY”. So, we welcome all the pets and their lovers to attend this party, be style-savvy and enjoy along.

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